What are the benefits?

Using riding games, trail rides and challenges suited to the abilities of the riders, therapeutic riding:

  • Improves balance, coordination, posture and reflexes
  • Increases strength, mobility, flexibility and muscle tone
  • Enhances concentration and learning ability
  • Helps develop confidence, trust, responsibility and cooperation
  • Encourages socialization and friendships
  • And above all – it’s fun & exciting!
Who may participate?

Any individual with a developmental or physical disability benefits from riding. Challenges may include: accidental impairment, ADD/ADHD or autism, Cancer, cerebral palsy, down syndrome, hearing or visual impairment, multiple sclerosis, muscular dystrophy, stroke or traumatic brain damage, and other special needs. Suitable candidates are referred by doctors, therapists, family, friends and volunteers.


Group lessons are on Sunday mornings in the Spring Chief Hector (May – June), Camp Chief Hector for the Summer (July – August) and the Fall Chief Hector (September – October). Other times are by arrangement.


We will update members & participants with regards to coVID-19 protocols for 2021, keeping in line with Alberta Equine Federation and Camp Chief Hector

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Useful Resources:


Canadian Therapeutic Riding Association

A non-profit organization providing support to individuals and groups through education, certification, insurance coverage, communication and accreditation.

Little Bits

Based in Edmonton, Little Bits is a non-profit organization that offers persons with disabilities the opportunity to enjoy the therapeutic and recreational benefits of horseback riding.

Horses All

A monthly magazine on the entire horse industry – based in Calgary and read throughout western Canada and the Northern United States.

Mountain Horse Canada

Helping riders with special needs and their existing local instructors by developing personal riding and horsemanship programs

Rocky Mountain Adaptive

Rocky Mountain Adaptive is a Not for Profit Society, with the primary aim of providing any individual with a disability the chance to access all sporting and recreational activities in the Canadian Rockies.